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NinjaOne includes fully automated cloud-based patching for Windows, Mac, & Linux operating systems. Læs mere om NinjaOne
NinjaOne enables fully automated patching for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as robust Windows third party application patching. Our cloud-based patching architecture removes the requirement for complex infrastructure and allows IT leaders to patch any endpoint with an internet connection – regardless of network, domain, or location. Ninja is designed to fully automate your patch management process, improving security, driving compliance, and freeing up technician time. Læs mere om NinjaOne


  • Tilpasning
  • Automatisk udrulning af programrettelser
  • Sårbarhedsscanning
  • Fjernadgang/kontrol
  • Automatiske scanninger
  • Netværksdækkende styring
  • Styring af overholdelse