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Integreret risikostyringssoftware

Integreret risikostyringssoftware hjælper virksomheder med at øge opmærksomheden på risici og forenkler processen med risikostyring på alle niveauer i en organisation.

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Get the visibility you need across all levels of your organization to meet today's Information Security challenges with StandardFusion.
“It's a single tool for all of our compliance needs. We can track against multiple standards and map how each of our controls supports all aspects of the business. Reporting allows a straightforward display of progress over time and highlights areas where we can benefit from increased maturity.” See for yourself why leading businesses are choosing StandardFusion as their integrated risk management platform. Læs mere om StandardFusion


  • Sikkerhedsstyring
  • Risikovurdering
  • Styring af overholdelse
  • IT-risikostyring
  • Revisionsstyring
  • Hændelsesstyring