Hvad er Freshservice?

Freshservice is an intelligent, right-sized ITSM solution that delivers exceptional employee experiences with an intuitive, scalable, no-code solution. With its state-of-the-art AI and ML capabilities, Freshservice helps organizations ease an IT agents workload and improve their productivity by automating mundane tasks. In addition to its AI capabilities, Freshservice is flexible and scalable enough to be used by both: companies relying on legacy systems and modern enterprises.

Hvem bruger Freshservice?

Freshservice's customers include MSP's, financial organizations, educational institutions and several government organizations.

Hvor kan Freshservice anvendes?

Sky, SaaS, Web-baseret, Android (Mobil), iPhone (Mobil), iPad (Mobil)

Om leverandøren

  • Freshworks
  • Beliggende i San Mateo, USA
  • Grundlagt i 2011
  • Telefonsupport
  • 24-7 (live repræsentant)
  • Chat

Tilgængelige lande

Australien, Belgien, Brasilien, Canada, Colombia og 39 andre


engelsk, fransk, hollandsk, italiensk, polsk og 5 andre

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19,00 US$/måned
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  • Ingen gratis version

Freshservice har ikke en gratis version men tilbyder en gratis prøve. Freshserviceden betalte version starter fra 19,00 US$/måned.

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Om leverandøren

  • Freshworks
  • Beliggende i San Mateo, USA
  • Grundlagt i 2011
  • Telefonsupport
  • 24-7 (live repræsentant)
  • Chat

Tilgængelige lande

Australien, Belgien, Brasilien, Canada, Colombia og 39 andre


engelsk, fransk, hollandsk, italiensk, polsk og 5 andre

Videoer og billeder af Freshservice

Software til Freshservice - 1
Software til Freshservice - 2
Software til Freshservice - 3
Software til Freshservice - 4
Software til Freshservice - 5
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Video om Freshservice
Software til Freshservice - 1
Software til Freshservice - 2
Software til Freshservice - 3
Software til Freshservice - 4
Software til Freshservice - 5

Egenskaber ved Freshservice

  • Adgangskontrolelementer/tilladelser
  • Administration af licens
  • Administration af serviceniveauaftale
  • Aktivitetssporing
  • Aktivsporing
  • Automatisk enhedsregistrering
  • Beskeder/eskalering
  • Beskeder/meddelelser
  • CAPA (korrigerende og forebyggende handlinger)
  • CMDB
  • Chat i realtid
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard for aktivitet
  • E-mailstyring
  • Elektronisk signatur
  • Feedbackstyring
  • Fjernadgang/kontrol
  • Fjernovervågning og -styring
  • Flersproget
  • Fuldførelsessporing
  • Håndtering af billet
  • Håndtering af problemer
  • Hændelsesstyring
  • Indberetning af hændelser
  • Indholdsstyring
  • Katalogisering/kategorisering
  • Konfiguration af arbejdsgange
  • Konfigurationsstyring
  • Kontrakt-/licensstyring
  • Kontraktudarbejdelse
  • Kortlægning af relationer
  • Lagerstyring
  • Leverandørstyring
  • Live chat
  • Mobil adgang
  • Multikanal-kommunikation
  • Omkostningssporing
  • Opgavestyring
  • Overvågning i realtid
  • Planlægning af vedligeholdelse
  • Prioritering
  • Problemhåndtering
  • Problemsporing
  • Præstationsmåling
  • Rapportering/analyse
  • Revisionsspor
  • Revisionsstyring
  • Routing
  • Samarbejdsværktøjer
  • Selvbetjeningsportal
  • Servicekatalog
  • Sikkerhedskopiering og gendannelse
  • Sporing af kundeklager
  • Sporing af overholdelse
  • Stregkodning/RFID
  • Styring af IT-aktiver
  • Styring af aktivlivscyklus
  • Styring af arbejdsgange
  • Styring af efterforskninger
  • Styring af help desk
  • Styring af kontraktlivscyklus
  • Styring af overholdelse
  • Styring af ændringer
  • Søgning i fuld tekst
  • Søgning/filter
  • Til IT-projektstyring
  • Tildelingsstyring
  • Tilpasselige rapporter
  • Tilpasselige skabeloner
  • Tilpasset branding
  • Tredjepartsintegrationer
  • Træk og slip
  • Udgivelsesstyring
  • Udstedelsesrevision
  • Vedligeholdelsesledelse
  • Vidensstyring
  • Widgets

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  • 201-1.000
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Amar Y.
Amar Y.
IT Administrator i Indien
Bekræftet LinkedIn-bruger
Detailhandel, 5.001-10.000 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: Over 2 år

Best product for ITSM

5 for 2 måneder siden

Kommentarer: Great experience


Easy to use for complaints, issues track, asset management, inventory purposes


Nothing to dislike for this product from my end

Tom L.
IT Support & Operations Manager i USA
Uddannelsesstyring, 1.001-5.000 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: Over 2 år

Freshservice Review

5 sidste år

Kommentarer: I've really enjoyed having Frehservice in our organization. It has made my job as a manager much easier in that I can easily review team performance, post announcements for the organization, and identify trends in issues or requests.


Freshservice has been a game-changer for our organization. The service catalog and user-friendly interface has allowed our employees to improve their productivity over the past 2+ years we have had the system implemented. The customizable forms and workflow has allowed our IT department to streamline processes and improve efficiency.


I wish the reporting capabilities were more customizable. There have been a few situations where I reached out to Frehservice for support on reports I needed but found the reports were not possible. The freshservice support team told me my reporting needs would be added to the list of potential "future enhancements'.

Overvejede alternativer: ServiceNow Customer Service Management, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus og Zendesk

Grunde til at vælge Freshservice: Our previous product did not have a customizable system and did not provide our employees with a way to track their tickets once created. It also lacked any type of reporting capabilities.

Ændret fra: Cerb

Grunde til at skifte til Freshservice: Cost and ease of customization

Bekræftet anmelder
Account Manager SEM/PPC i Spanien
Bekræftet LinkedIn-bruger
Markedsføring og reklamer, 51-200 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: 1-5 måneder

La calidad es excelente

4 sidste måned Nyt

Kommentarer: Nuestro producto anterior no contaba con un sistema personalizable y no proporcionaba a nuestros empleados una forma de seguir sus tickets una vez creados. También carecía de cualquier tipo de capacidad de elaboración de informes.


Me ha gustado mucho tener Frehservice en nuestra organización. Ha facilitado mucho mi trabajo como gerente, ya que puedo revisar fácilmente el rendimiento del equipo, publicar anuncios para la organización e identificar las tendencias de los problemas o las solicitudes.


Desearía que las capacidades de informe fueran más personalizables. Ha habido algunas situaciones en las que me he puesto en contacto con Frehservice para pedir ayuda sobre los informes que necesitaba, pero me he encontrado con que los informes no eran posibles. El equipo de soporte de freshservice me dijo que mis necesidades de informes se añadirían a la lista de posibles "mejoras futuras".

Bekræftet anmelder
Head of Application Services (System Administrator & Controlling Function) i Schweiz
Bekræftet LinkedIn-bruger
Ledelsesrådgivning, 201-500 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: 6-12 måneder
Kilde: GetApp

No bang for the buck, an overpriced form submission tool that disappoints in reporting and integration

2 for 5 år siden


Friendly user interface. Copy screenshots directly into the form (although there's a bug for the last 3 months that screenshots are displayed double in edit mode.) Plenty of fields to configure for more complex workflows.


Default categories and labels with awkward naming (synonymous use of "Tickets" and "Incidents" for "Issues", "Change" for "Change Request", "Problem" for "Bugs") No possibility to convert issues to change requests. Agent needs to recreate the entire case in the back resulting in significant adminstrative overhead. Reporting is practically inexistent. REST API not covering many functions and object attributes. (You cannot substitute reporting externally.) HTML editor limited and bugged. (CSS code in support articles not supported, Bootstrap not supported, code gets changed or reformatted upon saving articles) No access to the file and image repository. Frankly, with every new cosmetic change and "functionality no can do" message from the Team, I am growing more and more wary of this application. At this point, I am thinking of it as an overpriced form tool with practically no reporting, a gimped Knowledge Management base, and an asset list functionality that quickly drains your wallet. I am spending significant time rewriting issues as change requests in order to subsequently manually attach them to the original issue ticket and explain to the user why I would want to close his ticket after all. Writing knowledge articles is best done in a separate HTML editor. The Text Editor lacks basic functionality, removes formatting and images in unpredictable ways with undoing, and stores images and files in a central repository you have no access to. You might as well do that with a forms tool readily available on the internet.

Mel W.
Operations Support Specialist i USA
Ejendomshandel, 501-1.000 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: 1-5 måneder

Implementation and Management

5 for 2 år siden

Kommentarer: I had used FreshService in the past at different places of employment and had enjoyed it. This was the first time I was tasked with picking a ticketing system for a company. The fact that you get a trial based on the level you want to pay for, can basically have it customized during the trial to see if it's the right fit, extremely helpful and responsive customer service, and its easy to use for all levels of tech comfortability were the big reasons we chose FreshService. Every time I check in with our team of Agents, everyone is extremely happy with the switch and, overall, I am looking forward to the positive changes this is bringing our teams.


There are several reasons I pushed to choose FreshService over other products. The value of the features I was getting with the ease of set up. Within the trial period, I had most of the set up done before I presented to my department head. The ease of switching from the previous (and archaic) system to FS for our end users was, overall, seamless. The ability to customize the product with minimal knowledge makes it easy to manage and make changes. After reviewing a dozen other ticketing systems, FreshService provided the ease of implementation and change that we were looking for.


I love Freddy and want to use it however it's limited features over the traditional portal are frustrating. I understand it's a new feature and it's in a state of constant improvement but I wanted to launch with it and was unable to because key features that we needed specifically for our company would not show up. The reports aren't quite what I thought they would be either and I will probably have to do some work with powershell to get the information I really need.

Overvejede alternativer: HappyFox Help Desk, Jitbit Helpdesk, Zoho Desk, JIRA Service Management, ServiceNow, Kayako og Zendesk

Grunde til at vælge Freshservice: The system we had was a basic portal for entering the request and then it would email it out to everyone. There was no way to properly manage, track, or pull reports on the work being done and tickets were falling through the cracks. It was making everyone's job harder than it needed to be.

Grunde til at skifte til Freshservice: This list is only a partial list of all the systems I looked at but I had issues with identifying what features each level had, lack of trials, unresponsive or slow customer service were some of the few issues I ran into.