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Digital Product & Marketing Expert i USA
Bekræftet LinkedIn-bruger
Markedsføring og reklamer, Selvstændig
Har anvendt softwaren til: 6-12 måneder

All around perfect solution for all types of businesses.

5,0 for 11 måneder siden


I love how this app was thought through very carefully. Everything you need is literally within the app.


I wasn’t very fond of the lack of offerings for integration. More partnerships would help with that.

Svar fra vcita

for 11 måneder siden

Thanks for your feedback Joshua! We are so glad to hear vcita has helped you gain control. It's our honor to support you business! We have taken note of your request to expand partnerships and hope to offer additional integrations soon.

Physician//Owner i USA
Sundhed, helse og fitness, Selvstændig
Har anvendt softwaren til: 1-5 måneder

Great for scheduling, other features not so much

4,0 for 4 år siden

Kommentarer: I was using acuity but looked for other software, because of hippa option. I was ecstatic to see the client portal, unfortunately it is not optimal. Most features however aren’t hippa compliant. Really I only use client portal for scheduling and share patient handouts. Patients don’t have to log in like other apps, as it recognizing emails.
Overall I do think it offers more than competition , but make sure you try every part to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Also customer service must be more present. Even after you pay they limit features until you use for a while , which is ridiculous.
They will be better if they make conscious effort to improve


Able to customize scheduling page to be more professional and to distinguish services offered. Like the idea of client portal. Clients can go to portal to pay , schedule and can share documents. Works for me who share patient education handouts.


Some additional features are really glitchy and most features of the client portal I can’t use. When customers pay online , they are not taken to confirmation page or automated message . Messaging IS NOT secure , sometimes links In messages, don’t work. Documents are not secure. So since I’m using for health business, I had to get another program for secure messaging . Customer service good when you can each them, there is a 2 hour window only to call in a 24 hour day. Chat is not always available during business hours. It’s even worse if you are on east coast.

Agent i Benin
Bekræftet LinkedIn-bruger
Hotel og restauration, 2-10 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: 6-12 måneder

Avis vcita

4,0 sidste måned Nyt

Kommentarer: it is a very good software because of its user interface which is also easy to use and even for a beginner and also its online payment management functionalities. but on the other hand what I did not like in this software is that some features require upgrades to premium plans


I like this software because of its user interface which is easy to use even for a beginner and also its online payment management features


What I didn't like about this software is that certain features require upgrades to premium plans

Owner i USA
Eventtjenester, 2-10 medarbejdere
Har anvendt softwaren til: 6-12 måneder

Setting Up for Your Business - Not easy at all!

3,0 for 11 måneder siden

Kommentarer: It has been a pretty frustrating experience trying to get this running smoothly. I have spent SEVERAL hours/days trying to figure out glitches, workarounds, etc. I don't feel it's the right product for my company. I do plan to switch to another platform that will work better for my needs. I know they have tried, but I only get short timeframes to work with them and then I have to schedule another appointment. I would have rather paid a lot more money upfront to have them work on it until it was perfect. I have now given up because I'm just tired of it.


I love the way it looks on my website. I am able to use the colors of my logo, etc. so it looks professional. I think customers like to be able to book on the spot. I think it's nice that I can approve each event. It helps me from doing back and forth phone calls. I like that it gets integrated with my gmail calendars that are shared with the employees.


It is taking FOREVER to figure out how to set things up to streamline for my personalized business needs. Not sure this is the best platform for my business. I don't like how "wordy" it is in my gmail calendar. I wish I could customize things more, like addresses for instant. It requires them to put an address in, but it is not integrated to ensure it is a true address. We have gone to the wrong location multiple times. I have multiple services w/ 2 separate trucks. I find myself having to try to do a lot of workarounds that don't go well for the customers.I wish it was easier to use with Quickbooks. You can do a one-time sync but then it only syncs if customers get sent an invoice, and only a few details get synced over to Quickbooks. My CRMs don't match.

Svar fra vcita

for 11 måneder siden

Thank you for feedback Amy! I'm glad to hear you like the website widget! Sorry to hear you are considering to switch to another platform. We see most businesses getting their account up and running pretty fast, but the more advanced customizations can sometime take some extra time. It's definitely work investing a bit more time to get things right for your business (: Our team is happy to help! The QuickBooks integration is pretty robust and offer a real time sync so please let us know if you need any help setting it up!

Counselor i USA
Tjenester til familier og individer, Selvstændig
Har anvendt softwaren til: Over 2 år

Convenient Time Saver!

5,0 for 4 uger siden Nyt

Kommentarer: I will be sticking with them since it has been the most effective method of automating schedule.


I love the ease of use and how I have a system that helps me stay organized with all my upcoming clients


The online calendar on the mobile device is not as easy to use compared to the desktop

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